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mr steve gwilym consultant orthopaedic surgeon shoulder pain

Treatments for shoulder pain

How common is shoulder pain? As many as two thirds of people experience shoulder discomfort at some point during their lives. The most mobile joint in your body, the shoulder is made up of bones held in place by muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They’re all designed to work together to allow the shoulder to move […]

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Hip pain and hip replacements

How common are hip replacements? Hip pain and hip replacements are very common. In my clinical practice I treat many people who have developed wear and tear in their hip joints and also those who have injured them. A broken hip is the commonest fragility fracture that brings people into hospital and a hip replacement […]

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Don’t put up with period pain

Don’t suffer in silence In my clinical practice, I often see women who have suffered in silence with heavy periods (menorrhagia) for many years before seeking treatment. A recent survey of 1000 women by Hologic UK for the Wear White Again campaign found that around 1 in 5 women are affected but only 38% are […]

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What varicose vein treatments are available?

What are varicose veins? Varicose veins are very common, affecting around 30% of the population, particularly older people, pregnant women and those who may be overweight. The veins usually occur in the legs and are dark purple or blue and appear raised and bulging. Symptoms may include a burning and throbbing sensation, aches and pains, […]

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Is cosmetic surgery right for me?

Cosmetic surgery – what do I need to consider? Cosmetic surgery can’t perform miracles and should never be undertaken lightly. However, for some people it can help to reduce self-consciousness, improve body image, increase self-confidence and enhance their general sense of wellbeing. Over 31,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were carried out in the UK last year, […]

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