Privately insured patients

We welcome privately insured patients with individual or company private health insurance at The Foscote Hospital. Our hospital, consultants and anaesthetists are registered with and recognised by all leading private health insurance companies, which include Aviva, AXA PPP, Bupa, Cigna, The Exeter, Healix, Saga, Simply Health, Vitality and WPA.

Why choose The Foscote Hospital for your insured treatment

We offer all of our patients outstanding levels of friendly, compassionate care, clinical excellence and fast, convenient appointments at times to suit you with little or no wait. In addition, we provide a choice of highly-qualified and experienced consultants and anaesthestists and comfortable en-suite private single bedrooms. Our patient reviews are outstanding and we have been rated ‘Good’ in all aspects of care by the hospital’s independent regulatory body, the Care Quality Commission.

How do I check my insurance covers treatment at The Foscote Hospital?

You can check that we are an approved provider of your particular treatment on your own insurance company’s website or by phoning them.

InsurerWebsiteClaims phone number
AvivaAviva0800 068 5821
 AXA PPP HealthcareAXA PPP Healthcare0800 132203
BupaBupa UK0345 609 0111
CignaCigna UK01475 492351
The ExeterThe Exeter0300 123 3253
HealixHealix020 8481 7721
Simply HealthSimplyhealth0330 102 5392
VitalityVitality0345 602 3523
WPAWPA0345 122 3100

How do I book an insured treatment at The Foscote Hospital?

Ask your GP to refer you to The Foscote Hospital and request authorisation from your insurer. Once you have received authorisation, you will be able to book an appointment directly with us. Following this, you’ll need to liaise closely with your private health insurance provider throughout your treatment and make sure you’re aware of the terms and conditions of your policy and let us know of any limitations such as any excess payment required.

How do I get an authorisation number?

Once your insurer has approved the procedure or treatment they will provide you with a reference/authorisation number which must be quoted at the time that you book your appointment with us and should be brought with you when you come to your appointment at The Foscote Hospital.

How do I claim on my insurance?

Make sure that your insurance claim form has been signed by your GP and, if required, by your insurance policy provider. In order to meet the admission requirements of many insurance companies, we may need you to provide us with the date when your symptoms first developed and the date when you subsequently visited your GP.

Will I have to pay for anything?

We will invoice your insurance provider directly for all items insured under your individual cover. We have an arrangement with many insurance companies which allows us to send your invoice to them electronically. At the end of your stay you may receive an invoice for treatment which you should forward to your insurance company, together with any consultant’s bills. If you don’t have all your insurance details with you when you first come into hospital for treatment, we may ask you to settle your account in full before leaving.

Possible exemptions and additional charges

Some items such as drugs to take home with you and walking sticks, for example, may not be covered by your insurer, in which case we will charge you for these. So, please check the details of your individual policy in advance. Additional items, such as meals provided for your visitors, will be payable by you directly to the hospital.

Sometimes an insurance provider may require you to pay an excess and they will advise you of this when you first contact them.

Any questions?

Please contact a member of our Business Office team by phone or email with any questions about your insured treatment and costs.

Call our Business Office on 01295 252425

Email our Business Office