Vascular Surgery

Our vascular surgery consultant, Mr Jeremy Perkins, provides a number of varicose vein removal procedures.

Vascular surgery (varicose vein removal) procedures at The Foscote Hospital include endothermal ablation (radiofrequency ablation/VNUS Closure™), sclerotherapy and varicose vein removal surgery (ligation and stripping). Mr Perkins also carries out the assessment and investigation of patients with peripheral vascular disease, aortic aneurysms and aneurysms of other peripheral arteries, and carotid artery disease.

Varicose veins occur when veins, usually in the legs, become swollen as the blood isn’t flowing properly. This often causes the veins to become lumpy and enlarged and dark blue or purple. They affect women more than men and frequently develop later in life. Although varicose veins don’t often cause any major health issues or circulation problems, they can have some unpleasant symptoms. These can include aching, itching and uncomfortable legs, swollen feet and ankles, and muscle cramp. Treatment is only usually offered on the NHS if you have complications from the condition.

Vascular surgery treatments at The Foscote Hospital

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  • Mr Jeremy Perkins varicose veins

    Mr Jeremy Perkins

    Consultant Vascular Surgeon


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