Our consultants at The Foscote Hospital provide diagnosis and treatments of urological conditions including male and female bladder, kidney and adrenal disorders and conditions of the male reproductive organs.

Conditions treated are bladder and kidney stones, incontinence in women and men, urethra and prostate obstructions and infections and conditions of the male reproductive organs. Our gynaecologist, Mr Jonathan Nicholls, also treats female urinary conditions, including bladder instability and pelvic-floor management. During diagnosis and examination of bladder conditions the consultant may carry out a cystoscopy, in which a cystoscope (flexbile fibre optic camera) is passed through into the bladder.

Urology procedures at The Foscote Hospital

Urology consultants at The Foscote Hospital

  • mr jeremy crew urology

    Mr Jeremy Crew

    Consultant Urological Surgeon

    MA MD BChir FRCS

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  • Mr Jeremy Noble urologist

    Mr Jeremy Noble

    Consultant Urological Surgeon

    MB BS MD FRCS (Urol)

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  • Mr Ben Turney

    Mr Ben Turney

    Consultant Urological Surgeon


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