Sport and Exercise Medicine

Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) consultants are specialists skilled in the delivery of Musculoskeletal and Physical activity medicine and Team Care. The speciality has a large scale application in managing and improving the health of the general public and athletes through exercise advice and prescription.

A consultant in sport and exercise medicine possesses excellent clinical history-taking and examination skills, enabling accurate diagnosis. They take a holistic approach to patient care and understand the specific physical attributes required to participate in a variety of sports.

Sport and Exercise Medicine diagnosis and treatment at The New Foscote Hospital

Soft-tissue injuries  of muscles and ligaments, including sprains (partial tears) and ruptures (complete tears)

Stress fractures


Medical conditions related to the musculoskeletal system MSK disorders and conditions

Osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions

Female athlete triad



Stress and mental illness


Exercise-induced asthma


Sport and Exercise Medicine consultants

  • Dr Thamindu Wedatilake

    Sport & Exercise Medicine Consultant


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