Private GP services

Private GP services in Banbury are provided at The New Foscote Hospital by Dr Zahoor Khan.

As more and more people are finding it difficult to make an appointment with their GP, or within a reasonable time frame, they are looking for an alternative solution and choosing to see a private GP.

With our private GP services in Banbury, you can be seen here by Dr Zahoor Khan, a friendly and highly experienced GP, by prior appointment.

By request, you can book a 20 minute appointment with Dr Zahoor Khan for £95 per consultation.

Dr. Zahoor Khan is a GP and healthcare leader with over 14 years of experience working in the UK and overseas. He has a strong background in health administration having held various clinical leadership positions across the world. Most notably, Dr Khan was instrumental in the development of Primary Care in the United Arab Emirates and was the clinical lead in establishing the first outpatient facility overseas for King’s Hospital London.

Private GP services at The Foscote Hospital

First time GP appointment (20 mins) – £95

Follow up within a week (15 mins) – £70

Private GP services are provided at The Foscote Hospital by

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Book and pay for a private GP appointment at The Foscote Hospital with Dr Zahoor Khan by contacting us on 01295 252281 or using our contact form.

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