What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of low-impact conditioning exercise that strengthens the core muscles of the body, in particular the abdominal and back muscles. It can improve balance, flexibility, circulation, posture and help you to relax. Physiotherapists are increasingly recommending it as a treatment to help with muscular problems. It is also used as part of a rehabilitation programme for people who have been affected by injury, illness or disability. Classes can also help correct movement faults which may have led to injuries in the past.

How can a Pilates programme help?

A programme will focus on the core postural muscles that keep the body balanced and are essential for providing support for the spine. It teaches awareness of breathing and alignment of the spine, head, neck and shoulder blades. In addition, it incorporates strengthening of the deep abdominal muscles, which are particularly important in alleviating and preventing back pain.

Pilates is one of the treatments that can be prescribed by your therapist, as part of a physiotherapy programme, alongside manipulation, mobilisation, massage, home exercises, stretching, acupuncture and postural retraining.

Taking part in a programme can be beneficial to people who have back or neck pain, sports injuries and postural problems. It can also help people who have had orthopaedic surgery, for example spinal surgery, hip and knee replacements, and shoulder surgery.

Pilates classes at The Foscote Hospital

Our classes are held regularly and fees are £60 for six sessions. The next six week courses begin in the week commencing:

  • Monday 14 January 2019

For details and to book online visit our Classes page here or call Reception on 01295 252281.

Pilates is offered at The Foscote Hospital by

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