Pain Management

Pain management consultant at The Foscote Hospital, Dr Richard Sawyer, specialises in providing treatment for a wide range of chronic conditions including spinal pain, low back and neck pain (including whiplash injuries) and neuropathic (nerve) pains.

He adopts an individual-focused biopsychosocial model which views pain as a dynamic interaction among and within the biological, psychological, and social factors unique to each patient. Whilst painkillers prescribed by your GP can help in the short term, other methods and treatments, such as pain-relief injections, can assist in the successful management of long-term chronic conditions to enable patients to cope and to lead more active and fulfilled lives.

Pain management treatments at The Foscote Hospital

Pain-relief injections
Manual therapy (physiotherapy)
Psychological support

Pain management specialist

  • Dr Richard Sawyer

    Dr Richard Sawyer

    Consultant in Pain Management


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