Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery specialises in surgery of the face, mouth, and jaws. It is an internationally recognised surgical speciality.

Oral and maxillofacial treatments at The New Foscote Hospital include: removal of wisdom teeth, surgical extractions, mouth swellings, cysts, lumps on the lips or mouth, lumps of the face, biopsies, jaw deformity, jaw pain, orthognathic surgery: osteotomy of jaws, paediatric oral surgery (removal of teeth) paediatric facial trauma, jaw joint problems, including TMJ arthroscopy, skin cancer surgery of face and neck, salivary gland disease: lumps or problems with parotid or submandibular glands, dental implant surgery and bone augmentation, facial trauma: fractured jaw, cheek bones or eye socket, facial pain; TMJ dysfunction, oral medicine: mouth ulcers, white patches, neck lumps, investigation and surgery, head & neck micro-vascular reconstruction, facial cosmetic surgery, facial gender reassignment surgery.

Maxillofacial and Oral procedures at The Foscote Hospital

Removal of wisdom teeth

Surgical extractions

Mouth swellings, cysts

Lumps on the lips or mouth

Lumps of the face


Jaw deformity

Jaw pain

Orthognathic surgery: osteotomy of jaws

Jaw joint problems, including TMJ arthroscopy

Skin cancer surgery of face and neck

Salivary gland disease: Lumps or problems with parotid or submandibular glands

Dental implant surgery and bone augmentation

Facial trauma: fractured jaw, cheek bones or eye socket

Facial pain; TMJ dysfunction

Oral medicine: mouth ulcers, white patches

Neck lumps, investigation and surgery

Head & neck micro-vascular reconstruction

Facial cosmetic surgery

Facial gender reassignment surgery

Maxillofacial and Oral consultants

  • Mr Kaveh Shakib

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


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