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Mr Bijan Shafighian Consultant


Mr Bijan Shafighian is a professional orthopaedic surgeon. At the Foscote Private Hospital his specialities are knee surgery, autologous and prosthetic ligament reconstruction and sports injuries.

Mr Shafighian completed his orthopaedic training in London Teaching Hospitals. He was appointed to the post of consultant in orthopaedics & trauma at Ealing and the Royal Post Graduate Hammersmith Hospitals in 1988. He then moved to Banbury in 1991 where he became consultant in orthopaedics & trauma.

He is one of the appointed champion surgeons by Biomet/Merck UK to demonstrate live surgery of the Oxford Unicondylar knee replacement to the overseas consultant orthopaedic surgeons visiting the UK.

Private referrals for any knee related pathology can be made through The Foscote Private Hospital.

He has published numerous national and international papers on his research to the reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament using artificial prosthetic ligament.