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Dr Jonathan Marshall Doctor

  • Clinical Interests: General gastroenterology and hepatology endoscopy (both upper endoscopy and colonoscopy). His special interests are helicobacter pylori and dyspepsia, as well as alcohol-liver disease.
  • Year Qualified: 1988
  • Qualifications: MB, BS, BSc, MRCP, MD
  • Professional memberships: Royal College of Physicians, British Society of Gastroenterology.
  • Telephone: Enquiries at The Foscote Private Hospital 01295 252281 or 01295 229728
  • Email Address:
  • Clinic days / times: Tuesday PM


Dr Jonathan Marshall is one of Foscote Private Hospital’s Consultant Physicians, he specialises in gastroenterology, Hepatology, alcohol-related disease and general medicine.

He qualified from London University and obtained his further higher Medical Degree in 2001 on the role of alcohol, pylori and peptic ulcer disease which he continues to maintain a research interest in.

He has provided treatments and undertaken procedures regarding consultation upper endoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy.

As a full time physician, gastroenterologist and hepatologist based in Oxford Universities NHS trust, Dr Marshall sees a wide range of gastroenterology and hepatology patients daily.

His physician training in general medicine allows a more holistic overview of the patient’s problem while still being able to provide a comprehensive upper and lower endoscopic service when required.

Dr Marshall is currently a clinical lead for endoscopy in Oxford Universities Hospital.