Following your treatment you will be brought back to your room and your nurse will carry out regular observations. If you are in any discomfort or have any cause for concern please make your nurse aware either when she is attending to you or by calling her by using your nurse call bell.

If you wish your partner or relative may wait for you to return from theatre either making themselves comfortable in our waiting area or in your room.


Continuing care

Your privacy will be respected at all times and your family and friends are welcome to visit whenever they wish up until 9pm. We have facilities in our reception area for them to help themselves to beverages free of charge during your stay.

If you require assistance at any time of day of night, nurse call bells are provided in all rooms for your safety and continuing peace of mind.

Our team of staff are sensitive to your individual requirements and needs, and their friendly manner helps to establish a good relationship which is beneficial to your recovery.